In 2018 B.K. Sinchev (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, one of the developers of the automated onboard control systems of the Buran spacecraft) developed a polynomial algorithm for solving the NP-complete problem (Subset sum).

The starting point in the Company's history was a meeting that took place a little later that year between the scientist, his son and Zhanna Akzhanova. The trio decided to use this scientific discovery as a real opportunity to change the world for the better. A core of motivated professionals in various fields of knowledge soon formed around this idea. The team conducted additional research, published scientific articles, and protected intellectual property rights. In March 2022 the Company made a presentation at EXPO Dubai in the Kazakhstani pavilion and already in May it started operating.


Our enthusiastic team believes that everyone can change the world. And we are focused on that goal. All that came before was a simulation of reality. It's time to change it.
Akzhanova Zhanna
Chief Executive Officer
Akzhanova Zhanna

Expert in finance and risk management. Since 2006, it has held leadership positions in various commercial and quasi-governmental organizations and institutions